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Halloween… October 31, 2010

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With a party at C’s school, trick or treating at G’s office, a costume party, and regular trick or treating, the costumes really got a work out this year. We went with a family theme once C decided to be a witch and M opted to wear C’s old monkey costume…

The wicked witch of the west and her flying monkey. (Not sure why the monkey opted to wear glasses this day).

We kicked it up a notch for the costume party with G and I in costume as well (don’t even want to say how late we were up on Friday night…designing and sewing my own costume the night before was not such a hot idea). No pictures of that.

Up yet another notch for the big day with some serious makeup for C…

C was a pretty good sport for the makeup and glued on facial extensions. M was a bit of a wild monkey, swerving in and out of lines during the downtown Bothell trick or treating (little understanding of waiting her turn) and trying to grab candy out of passing kids’ buckets (little understanding of who was handing out the candy and who was taking). You can’t see the rest of C’s broom, her green nail polish, or my ruby slippers, but rest assured they are all there.


2 Responses to “Halloween…”

  1. Aunt Bebe Says:

    Wow, Bonnie, hope you all won a prize for those cosutmes!!!!!!!!

    Loving my scarf/shawl/stole(?) which will go with all my long sleeve t-shirts and turtle necks and my white shirt! You do beautiful work and you could definitely sell your handmade items! Bet you could easily get them in some of the boutiques! (Will send you a pattern of what we’re going to make at Craft Club!)

    Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Aunt BB

  2. Mindy Says:

    Love your blog Bonnie! The children’s costumes look fantastic and I am in awe of your sewing capabilities!

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