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Backtracking to a birthday… November 11, 2010

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C turned 7 way back in October (how is not still October??) and had quite the birthday celebration. G is an art docent for her class, so he volunteered the day of and brought in confetti cupcakes (made by me) and taught an art lesson. When C came home she was able to open presents, and then we went to dinner at Preservation Kitchen (a local favorite) where I had scored us a private room—and they even prepared cupcakes for us as a special treat.


Grammy and Grampy came through with the Barbie house (which currently has its own room and gets played with every day by C and M):


Some clothes, some craft items, some Polly Pockets…

M very surprised to see what she had gotten for C…


(incidentally, it was a small telescope/microscope and a book).

G and I had planned two big gifts for C, one was a hit and one was a miss. We had been super excited about the new gyrowheels. Sadly, the available size was not correct (shame on me for just verbally asking G instead of going down to the garage and looking at the bike myself) and doesn’t seem at all stable enough to replace training wheels. [Backstory: C is a bit unsure on her bike and does not like to practice as the younger kids in the neighborhood have all gotten rid of their training wheels already.] Sigh.

The hit was an American Girl doll, which C quickly named “Esmeralda”. (Actually, it was “Alice Meralda” but thankfully the name has gotten shortened.) Knowing that I had ordered one for her, I took C to the fabric store one day and asked her to pick out two flannel prints without telling her what they were for. Minutes before she returned home from school I finished a matching set of nightgowns for her and the doll…


Admittedly, not the fabric print I would have picked 😉

C and I have plans to do some more sewing for her doll during her week (!!) of half days that precedes Thanksgiving break. Fingers crossed that that goes well. I tried to sign her up for a “sew for your AG doll” but the class apparently fills right away. C has already requested that I make a lot of outfits for Esmeralda, noting that she needed a Halloween costume (skipped that one), dress and apron for Thanksgiving, and holiday wear for Christmas. I might have opened a can of worms with this gift!


One Response to “Backtracking to a birthday…”

  1. Aunt Bebe Says:


    Another item you could sell in a boutique! Matching American Girl nightie and one for the child!

    Love my scarf/wrap, whatever it’s called and the weather has been cold enough to wear it!

    Also keep forgetting to tell you, woman at CURVES is the mother of a girl you went to school with – Sara, lives now in Vancouver and has 2 little girls. But you probably know that already as Class Correspondent! Love, Aunt bb

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