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Fremont November 30, 2010

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Thanksgiving was spent at a local restaurant with G’s cousin W, his girlfriend, and some other friends. A good time was had by all, especially the one (ahem) who would have otherwise done most of the cooking and cleaning up.

The next day dawned bright sunny minimally raining, and so we were off to Fremont for what I consider to be our personal Black Friday tradition of eating brunch at a vegetarian/cult restaurant, walking to see the under the bridge Troll, and poking around the used clothing stores and boutiques of Fremont.

We also took the kids to see Santa.



Ah, I amuse myself.

Some family+ photos outside the used clothing store, where G buys a new used coat every year and C begs me to buy her various vintage hats, gloves, etc. etc.


(Apparently G’s cousin’s girlfriend was recognized by patrons at the nearby coffee shop, having unknowingly appeared on some fashion blogs. Just the kind of thing I am happy to not have to worry about in my own life.)

The girls love the troll.


Incidentally, C and M are wearing a jumper and pinafore (?), respectively, that I made them last year. M really needs a pair of matching pants to complete the outfit, and hopefully I will get around to that before she outgrows the top. It is from an Ottobre pattern.

C’s hat is one I knit last winter. Yay me.

The day was finished by dropping off the relatives at the bus station and taking C for her 7 year checkup. Both girls then got flu shots. Perfect way to cap a day don’t you think? Incidentally, the next morning I woke up with pink-eye, so karma got me back I guess.


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