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Snow Thanks November 30, 2010

Filed under: Kids — bonniep @ 12:02 am

As you may have heard, Seattle was hit with a huge storm right before Thanksgiving. School was closed for two days, G’s office was closed, folks had 10 hour commutes and there were “countless” accidents (including a freight plane sliding off the runway). Having lived in Minnesota and Boston, I must say I was…


…underwhelmed by the amount of snow. (Admittedly, these are from Thursday, there was slightly more snow on Tuesday and low temperatures leading to ice issues. Still. School closed for two days? Seriously?)

We suited up and got outside several times to play in the snow…


Snow angels… (and driveway angels as seen above)


Snow ball fights… (poor M is a bit dwarfed by C’s old 3t snowpants)


A righteous snowman…





Treacherous driving conditions…


And the always fun, shoveling and sweeping of snow. They picked this one themselves.

I gotta say, these girls of mine are pretty cute.



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