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The advent calendar said “Tree Today” December 5, 2010

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So off to the tree farm it was.

The girls quickly discovered that they had many favorite trees, although they tended to ignore qualities such as fullness, symmetry, and appropriate height for the house.


The farm was not too far from home and situated under some serious wires. If the phones don’t work near the tree, we’ll know why.


The trees in general showed a lack of fullness, but G was pretty committed to following through on a tree purchase (the outing was his idea.) And then…it was Treeman! Half man, half tree! Or, 90% tree, 10% man!


The plan involved cutting down a too big tree, and then pruning it into a nice shape. The tree farmer said “I feel guilty, I just grew the tree, but you turned it into art.” Although I noticed he didn’t offer to help 😉 The girls were happy to stand around—but look at this!


Spontaneous hand holding!

And then, our tree.


Ah, the family photo with C awkwardly posed on the cut off trunk that she wanted to save (warning Grandpa—she is expecting you to make something fabulous out of it during your visit). As it turns out, once we got the tree home my suspicions proved correct and it is just a sparse looking tree. So it has been relegated to the dining room and we need to get a new tree for the front room. I see another note in the advent calendar in our future.

In other news…I finally caved and we now have a big (to me) car for hauling visiting relatives and/or kid friends. I believe we got the smallest big car possible, so the fear of driving it has abated for me somewhat.


Also, C and I did indeed complete a sewing project for Esmeralda in time for Thanksgiving (although I cranked out the last few seams on my own). The bonnet was completely designed and implemented by C. Although we called our time together “sewing lessons” C was too afraid to use my sewing machine or the iron, and often just watched me while complaining. Despite that, she has already asked when our next sewing lesson will commence. And has suggested in conversation with others that she “knows how to sew”. Hmmm.


Parting shot…



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