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The Day itself December 29, 2010

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(Scroll down for some pre-Christmas activity info.)

Christmas day was lovely, the kids are still young enough to not realize they can run downstairs and tear into presents without us. And C doesn’t get up super early. Early, just not super early. M would stop opening periodically because she wanted to play with a toy, try on a shirt, or read a new book. We did stockings, Santa, and parental gifts first then took a break for breakfast. After that was Skype calls and present opening with Uncle D and Auntie J and then Grammie and Grampy. (Although I discovered they all had opened their presents from us already.)

The girls were excited about their stockings…


They got sleds from Santa.


C got her much hoped for Felicity American Girl doll, and Santa wisely brought M a cheaper more age appropriate substitute which she calls her “my ‘mericangirl” doll which fits into the same size clothes.


(Esmeralda was also present for gift opening).

I had done a frenzy of gift making in the weeks prior, turning out (and awaiting photography) a sleeping bag, quilted and lined coat, faux shearling coat and boots, fleece dress, two pairs of pants, hippie dress, tie die fleece coat, and green satin dress for the dolls.


The sparkles on the satin aren’t very even, but this was churned out on 12/23 so I called it good. C has noted that the “fancy dresses are for Felicity and the plain ones for Esmeralda” and I am trying not to let my feelings get hurt for poor, shunted aside Esmeralda.

And then the aftermath…(this is with regular, ongoing cleanup during the opening).


(You might be able to see the blue box containing my BRAND NEW SEWING MACHINE which is all sorts of fancy. And which I have already set up and used to make a new satin dress for the dolls. And on which I have already seen an error message that triggered a safety shut off when I somehow bent a needle. The learning curve on this one might be a bit steeper.)

Backing up a bit, we had the traditional cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast. This is a tradition ported directly from my childhood (and every year until we stopped going to Cleveland) although I have refined it somewhat by making them from scratch instead of from refrigerator tube. These were a real winner this year (recipe found here but apparently originated elsewhere). So easy (perhaps easier if you hadn’t been on your feet all day making Christmas Eve dinner, cleaning up from said dinner, and with all of the kids presents still to wrap…but quite easy on Christmas morning!)


In the afternoon, M spent some time outside on her new scooter, C set up the Barbie Glam Jet and had a friend over to play Barbies, the dolls got their hair thoroughly mussed, many books were read…and we had leftovers for dinner.

A good Christmas.


One Response to “The Day itself”

  1. Aunt Bebe Says:

    Dear Bonnie,

    OMG!!!!!!! Am exhausted after reading your pre-Christmas preparations! But did make a copy of the Cinnamon Buns and the Chocolate Mousse recipe!

    Not sure how they would fit into Weight Watchers, but once a year can’t hurt!

    Hope you have recovered – missed you and your family, Happy New Year, Love, Aunt Bebe

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