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A post you might expect more pictures in… January 3, 2011

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In the knitting, sewing, and blogging world (a world in which I am merely a reader, and not really a member) folks have been doing 2010 in review/goals for 2011 posts. Here is my paltry entry (with items in no particular order)…

Knitting 2010:

1. hat for me (a quick brown hat, done when my yarn winding equipment was yet unpacked)

2. pointy hat for C

3. scarf for me (needs blocking)

4. socks for me (needs blocking)

5. Sweater for G (quite an undertaking, began when we bought yarn for it together on our anniversary trip to S.F. in 2009. Done but for one or two ends to be woven in…and needs blocking.) (Sensing a theme?)

6. beret for C (needs ends woven in, blocking)

7. Log Cabin baby blanket

8. Stuffed rabbit (needs embroidery)

9. Green shawl (needs blocking)

10. Blueberry shawl (completely done, but no photo…somewhere in Cleveland searching for an owner I think)

11. There might have been more…another shawl whose finish date escapes me and whether it counts toward 2009 or 2010.


Sewing 2010:

1. Doll clothes

a. satin dress (green)

b. satin dress (cherry)

c. quilted coat

d. faux shearling coat and boots

e. sleeping bag

f. fleece dress

g. hippie dress

h. tie dye coat

i. leggings

j. blue pants

k. dress and apron

2-3. two sets of girl + doll flannel jammies (one here, one for a neighbor for Christmas)

4. pink corduroy skirt for C (need to photo this, doesn’t fit quite as I would like)

5. butterfly blouse for C

6. bubble skirt for C (photo coming soon—not quite visible in her birthday pics)

7. tie front blouse for C

8-11. ice cream dresses—two voile (C + M), blouse (for C), quilting cotton dress (for C)

12. two pillow cases for M (she loves these, for her toddler crib pillow)

13. shirt and skirt for C’s friend

14. Dorothy dress for halloween (for me)

15-18. Mexico clothes: teal skirt + tank top blouse, polka dot skirt + button-down blouse for C

19-21. pink knit skirts (me, C, M) (self drafted, and only C’s really looks right)

22. red riding hood cape for C

23. woogie costume for C


I am going to chalk that up as not bad (and was feeling pretty good about it until reading another blog where the blogger made upwards of 100 garments! for fun! and has kids!) especially since some of the projects get a lot of use and/or compliments.

I see room for improvement in my commitment to finishing knitting projects. Ahem. G would really like to start wearing his sweater! In general knitting wise I didn’t do anything really new to me this year. I would like to knit another (possible two) sweaters for myself this year and hopefully try either cables or colorwork.

Sewing-wise the rest of the family might deserve some attention this year. C gets a lot of garments! However she is tough to fit (very slim) and I would like to figure out how to alter things to better fit her (we are dealing with some super bunchy adjustable waists here!) I would also like to finally make something for myself (besides a Halloween costume). And continue figuring out my new sewing machine, zipper insertion, and the ways of lining. My “to-make” pile consistently outstrips my time available, but in the immediate future I have a fairly complicated doll bed/carrier in the works for M (on day 4 of just cutting out pieces…glad I abandoned my plans to have this one done for Christmas!), matching corduroy jumpers for C and M, and some slim cut velveteen pants for C.

Finally, I would like to be better about photographing and documenting my projects, for my own record as well as to encourage compliments (ha ha! just kidding!)

That said, my other big goal for 2011 is a return to running, including a half marathon in June. So commitment to that might cut into some of the late nights that I have been using for sewing and knitting. So, stay tuned for the exciting wrap up post at the end of this year to see what happens!