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Random February 1, 2011

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  • C went on an “every thing but sleeping” sleepover the other day—she refused to sleep at her friend’s house because she “would miss M too much.” Awwwwww. She had Monday off from school (teacher work day) and when I exclaimed how nice it was to have her home for an extra day she said “Mommy, I start missing you as soon as I get to school.” Awwwwwww. But she also recently told me that “X is my best friend in the neighborhood, but Daddy is my best friend at home.” Hmmmmm.
  • Sickness has swept through the house in January, with two separate eye infections and a sinus infection for me, bad cold for G, bad cold (and sick day) for C, and cold with double eye and ear infections for M. Yikes. Everyone seems to be on the mend now, fingers crossed for a healthy February!
  • I am still training for a half marathon and have completed a few 8 mile runs, which I think are the longest since my last marathon (which would be April 2002!) (although I might have done some longer runs prepping for a 10k in spring of ‘07). I had a 21 mile week before the double hit of me and M being sick.
  • Finally catching up on some photos of handmade goods…


First picture is a bubble skirt from Ottobre magazine 4/2010 issue, with a blouse from a Japanese sewing book in the Heart Warming Life series. I really need to figure out how to modify stuff for an extra slim shape! (Measuring C puts her diameter measurements an average of two clothing sizes down from her height measurements). The second photo is another skirt from the same Ottobre issue. It has a slight tulip shape with the gathered band at the bottom and jean’s like pockets and a zipper fly! I had to modify the pattern to add buttonhole elastic in the back waist and gather the heck out of it since it was way too wide. But C seems pleased. (It also strikes me as a bit too short now…)


Hats for the girls, both from Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. I also finished and blocked G’s sweater and it has been worn a few times (and even garnered a spontaneous compliment from a coworker!) but no pictures yet.

  • Don’t let anyone tell you these girls aren’t completely wacky. M has taken to picking out her own outfits, which often means multiple shirts, two skorts at the same time with or without pants as well, and crazy color combinations. They both love to “pose” for the camera as well.


  • People who don’t cook much are easily impressed by people who do. Or at least, the book club ladies will always be happy to come to my house since I made homemade graham crackers, coconut marshmallows, and chocolate ganache…and served them together in broiler S’mores. G also plans to stick around a while 😉 (Thanks Craft baking book! I have almost forgiven you for the doughnut debacle before Thanksgiving!)
  • I know the rest of the country is covered in snow. Not so here! Our predicted terrible winter seems to have not materialized. There is of course the rain and the dark, so whenever possible we get outside for some fresh air and exercise. M looks particularly hard in a hoodie and black boots, no?


(I just love resurrecting things that C used to wear, like these boots. And thanks to Uncle D for the stroller and the Aunt B for the hoodie!)

  • February is shaping up to be quite the month, with many outings for C (Cinderella the ballet, a play at the Seattle Children’s Theatre, and a fancy birthday party at a kid’s spa), and small vacation over mid-winter break for the whole family, and of course…my birthday.

2 Responses to “Random”

  1. Heather Says:


    I love C’s knit hat…it’s beautiful, and i am pretty jealous of all the cool clothes you are making for your girls.

  2. Jen Says:

    B, I love reading your blog. The girls are so insanely adorable and I cannot get over the clothes you make them– amazing! Those hats are out of control and I love the skirts and blouse. You set the motherhood bar high.
    I hope everyone is feeling better now. Sorry to hear you were all so sick. How are M’s naps going?
    There’s a slight chance we might go out to WA in the early spring. We’ll keep you posted. We’re hoping to see you guys sometime soon, especially after missing you in MN last year.

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