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Almost 5 years in WA… February 24, 2011

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and I have yet to go skiing. And despite the best laid plans this past weekend, that situation has not changed.


C gets a full week of “winter break” and I planned a nice little escape for the four of us. Rented a small cabin for three days, scheduled a ski lesson for C and a “snow tot experience” for M, loaded up their new Christmas sleds, waited for G to finish his work (why did I think I would see him more when he was no longer travelling to Boston??) and we took off on Sunday around noon.


Many things didn’t go as planned—a middle of the night earache meant little sleep on Sunday night and ruined plans to go skiing on Monday (as did the discovery that the ski resort was closer to 2 hours away from the cabin than 1 hour). There wasn’t enough snow at first to go sledding “right out the back door” as promised by the cabin literature, and once the snow did fall the children only made forward progress on their sleds when pushed. The sledding hill we did find was crowded, and despite layer after layer of clothing poor little C’s toes chilled quickly. The vegetarian options for eating out in Washington State’s Little Bavaria were limited. It seemed to snow only when I was taking my turn driving through speedy, two lane mountain highways and crazy hairpin switchbacks.


But….M slept in a big-girl bed for the first time and did great. G had good beer and a sausage sampler. C was overjoyed to purchase her “souvenir”—a chipmunk stuffed animal JUST LIKE the one her friend bought at the same store a few weeks back. We did do some sledding, cozied up near fires that G built, ooohed and aaahed over the mountains, and picked out yummy salt water taffy flavors (G says you can’t go wrong with anything in the tan to brown range). The kids had a fabulous time playing in the snow and building a snowman and I finally got some pictures of G in his sweater. Oh, and the Bavarians might make some good chocolate.







Oddly enough, winter seems to have followed us back to Bothell, so we have had some snowfall the past two days and might be able to do some yard sledding tomorrow. I know two girls who are ready!  


One Response to “Almost 5 years in WA…”

  1. Jen Says:

    These pictures are *so great* and I love thinking of the four of you playing in the snow. I’m envious that snow can be a vacation-type experience in WA, versus MN where we have been totally bombarded this winter! Did you make that sweater for G? It’s a beauty!

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