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Suddenly, 3 April 9, 2011

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M’s birthday was yesterday and she mostly knows it. Although every time someone said “Happy birthday M!” she responded with “Happy birthday!” She brought peanut free preschool approved prepackaged Rice Krispie treats to her once-a-week morning preschool class, took an OK nap, and helped pick up her cake and ice cream (under duress from the girls I agreed to purchase vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream. We have a lot of ice cream in the house right now!) After a frantic dinner and table wiping, 10 kids and assorted parents arrived at 6:30 for cake, ice cream, racing around the house, and screaming.

M became quite shy during the presentation of the cake and asked G to do the candle blowing honors. 236239

(Cake from our local bakery, with delicious decadent fudge filling. Mmmm.)

After all that, there was only time to open a few presents before bedtime.

Today was the girls usual morning swim class, followed by lunch and nap. After some outdoor playtime we returned home to open the rest of the presents. Extended family invited in the modern manner.


After dinner (pasta—I have an 8k race tomorrow morning) we ate the rest of the birthday cake and did attempt two for candle blowing, with success this time.


M loves Little People ™ and baby dolls and got several items related to those. She has been proudly holding up three fingers to show how old she is (need to get a photo of that!) I think she had quite a happy birthday. She is a very [very very very] independent minded 3 year old which can be great (“Wow! You are swimming on your own!”) and not so great (“Wow! You tried to change your poopy underwear all by yourself!”) but she almost always has a smile on her face. She gives absolutely the best hugs. Talks a mile a minute unless anyone outside the family attempts to speak to her at which point she literally turns away and hides. Loves to play hide n seek, although her way involves directing you on where to hide and some erratic counting as the seeker (“1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,16,31,32,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,40 ready or not here I come!”). Has two very good friends and often asks for playdates with them. Adores the girl she calls “Big Sister” except for some pushing, grabbing, arguing, and on one occasion, choking. Still loves chuppie (ketchup) and wants it on everything. Also loves hummus and wants it one a lot too…including grapes. Eeew. Is sooooo close to being fully potty trained. Still deals with some mild diaper-like rash (which led to two separate incidents of yelling out “My butt hurts!” at NYC restaurants…) which we hope to find out more about at Monday’s 3 year checkup. Knows her colors, lots of songs, several jokes, and how to work the refrigerator water dispenser. Picks out her own clothes (adamantly) and prefers schemes such as “everything has flowers so it matches”. Has her daddy’s blue eyes and toes but still gets likened to me all the time. Insists on using each of her outdoor toys (trike, scooter, push car, and doll stroller) every time we play outside. Jumps one legged on the trampoline. Has a super expressive face. We all can’t wait to see what this next year brings.



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