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Super Sisters Seize Springtime April 21, 2011

Filed under: Kids — bonniep @ 4:56 pm

The weather has been quite odd around here—cold snaps, hail, days that start off dreary, turn to sunny for the walk home from school, and then rain again at night, etc. etc. But we take our enjoyment where we can.


Princess dress-up time on the weekends.


Some helpers with our half-hearted planting. Lots of space, lots of weeds, and random assortment of flowers from the fruit market that the girls picked out. Hopefully next year we will get a better handle on planting in the outdoor space.


Someone got a two wheeler (well, technically I guess a four wheeler) for her birthday and figured it out right away. Incidentally, C also got a new, bigger two wheeler…but for various reasons that we won’t go into there are no pictures of her on her bike. Sigh. Hard to take pictures when someone has a death grip on your arm.


Some chalking hopscotch fun, and some posing (sunglasses and umbrella? Only in Seattle!)

Not sure if you can tell, but C lost a top tooth a month or so ago. It slowly got wigglier and wigglier until I woke up at 3 am one morning to find C by the bed exclaiming “My tooth fell out!” Her excitement was met with “Wha? Put it on the dresser…go back to bed” and some explaining the next morning about how the tooth fairy plans her routes in the evenings and C had missed the cutoff for that night.


Hmm…and a package arrived. Whatever could it contain?

Actually, it held new sheets sets for a (hopefully) soon to arrive bunk bed. So expect more pictures in the next few weeks!

Ending, as we so often do, with some funny faces.



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