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Easter April 24, 2011

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We celebrate a secular easter, so it is all about the eggs and the bunny. Egg coloring, egg hunts, and easter bunny visiting.

Egg coloring was much looked forward to and then over fairly quickly. M continues to use a fearsome drop maneuver which results in a lot of cracked eggs. Usage of the supplied egg dipper is also fairly minimal.



This year C decided to leave a wish list for the easter bunny, along with a specially colored egg to “buy him off”. The plan failed, although she seemed pleased with the AG paper dolls (as opposed to the requested, and much pricier, AG Doll of the Year). Sadly, no pictures to prove it. M received a hand knit bunny that she immediately danced around with and pronounced her favorite. Good thing I knitted it last summer and finally buckled down for the facial embroidery!


No pictures of the perfect weather egg hunt on Saturday, as M and I arrived late having attended her final swimming class session, and C arrived on time-ish with G except having thrown up in the car due to reading induced motion sickness.

Sunday morning was our neighborhood egg hunt. Saturday night found me at Target at 9:30 searching for non-candy items to put in the eggs, going home to make 2 dozen ginger muffins, putting together 45 eggs and finally getting to bed around midnight. Sigh. Sunday I was up at 6 to complete my run before the 8 am hiding/9 seeking and eating. The littles got a head start before the bigs swooped in, but everyone seemed to have plenty of eggs!



The thrill of the hunt…



Luckily most of the hunt was done before the rain started up. And of course many thanks to the mom who put whistles in a bunch of the eggs that she hid! [Note: it seems like I hardly have pictures of C, but most of them contain recognizable pictures of other kids not mine which I prefer to not post online.]

Looking forward to a return to days without candy!


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