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Happy Mother’s Day May 8, 2011

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“Celebrated” Mother’s Day by running a half marathon this morning…nothing like getting up at 5 am to start a day off right! Ahem. It was incredibly hilly, but I did achieve my first two goals (1. Finish 2. Run the whole way) although I was nowhere near my time goals. Ah well. G and the girls were on hand towards the end blowing bubbles and cheering me on (although M was confused on “why I ran past them”). After a nice shower, we went out for some brunch. The girls wore new dresses that I finished this week.


(Note to self—don’t clutch purse in between legs, as makes for awkward photo.)

The pattern is Simplicity, er, something and they just have different sizes. I guess I could have made the skirts shorter but perhaps these will last a long time. I really like the material for M’s—just perfect for her.


Action shot!


Yesterday M had a typical snack of her own choosing…freeze dried blueberries, strawberries and bananas with…hummus. Don’t even ask me about what she dips in ketchup. Anyway, the blueberries turn her fairly purple (and she got hummus on her shirt) but the light was great so…


(I swear, somehow at the hair cutting place the bangs were even! I swear!)

We had some big changes this week, with a new bunk bed for the girls and the addition of two fish to the family, but still need photographic proof.


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