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Summer? June 16, 2011

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Every now and then it seems like summer might arrive in Seattle. Between the long stretches of rainy days that is.

I think the kids have even been in swim suits twice (not just for indoor swim lessons!) to run through a sprinkler. Although hereabouts we start to feel hot once it passes 65 degrees. The first Otter Pops of the season have also been enjoyed…


(Hard to find non-[unintentionally] lewd otter pop pictures.)

C is starting to wrap up first grade. One big hurrah was the science fair. C and G did another electricity project, creating electricity from lemons. C went rogue as well, creating animals out of her lemons and potatoes (the original experimental plan included those) and was able to explain why battery cat [the lemon] was a battery but zinc dog was not.


G did a bunch of planting in the backyard, put down weed blocking cloth, and supervised the spreading of much mulch. We have even seen glimpses of color…


However, many days we still see this…


And not just because M is crazy about her boots…

What else…cherries at the market!


Lots of hobby work around here as well—G is building huge flower boxes for the front of the house. Hopefully there will be pictures before the end of the summer…especially since the table saw he just had to buy is taking up one bay of the garage. He also succumbed to neighborhood pressure and purchased a remote control car…now he is the one coming in at night and saying that the neighbors are outside and want him to come over to play. C has taken several more sewing classes and making clothes for her American Girl dolls. M started requesting clothes for her Bitty Baby, and enjoys picking out fabrics and demanding outfits right away. I have at least made this one with the requested fabric…


Sometimes when you call M a kiddo she says “I am not a kiddo! I am a mommy to all my babies!”

I have been sewing other things as well…more about that in another post.

For now, I leave you with my typical signature photo…



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