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Summer! June 23, 2011

Filed under: Kids — bonniep @ 9:31 pm

C’s last “day” of 1st grade was yesterday. She was only there from 8:40 – 10:40, and they watched Finding Nemo. Hmmm.

She loved her teacher (as did we), who will be moving to the 2nd grade next year as well. Fingers crossed for a good class assignment for us next year!


The school has a tradition of all the buses filling on the last day and then driving around in a circle honking their horns while all the kids and teachers cheer. It was a bit loud for some participants.


C has grown so much this year (literally, I think a few inches!), really came into her own with reading, made some wonderful friends, declared that she is very popular, and was the top fundraiser at her school Jogathon. She doesn’t look too different from the start of the year though.


Now…bring on summer camp!

(For anyone holding their breath, my lovely skirt did not make it to the finals for Skirt Week. Alas. On the subject of you can’t win if you don’t try, the half marathon is this Saturday!!)


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