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Sewing projects August 15, 2011

Filed under: Sewing — bonniep @ 11:16 pm

I have been sewing off and on and just to keep track…

These are matching Oliver + S Hopscotch knit dresses…


C’s has shrunk more than expected even though I prewashed the fabric several times (admittedly, the fabric came with a heavy shrinkage warning!) I made C’s a while ago and finished M’s before we left for Cleveland…a trip which did not in fact require any long sleeved dresses 😉 But summer in Seattle this year has! I have issues with photographing saturated reds and pinks; I would call the main color of this dress more of a very dark coral than pink—closer to M’s picture than C’s. Anyway, still experimenting with knits, the serger, and twin needling hems, but the girls are happy with these.

A while back I made M’s bitty baby a cookie print shirt. M caught sight of yardage of the fabric at the store, leaving us with this…


Fairly basic jumper with buttoned bodice and gathered skirt with patch pockets. From a japanese sewing book. As you can see, while this might not have been my choice, she was thrilled.

And a failure to share, my first attempt at sewing a bathing suit.


Not too bad, until you see the droopy bottom. I need to figure out how to sew the elastic on tighter, but even getting to this point caused so much grief that I have set the project aside for a bit. We are on a three week swim class hiatus now, and they take classes year round, so the opportunity will present itself again. I will say, M wanted to wear this anyway. Adapted from an Ottobre pattern (I made mine a lot simpler).

There are two skirts I haven’t photographed yet. I was fairly proud of them until one came slightly apart in the wash in a way that won’t be easy to fix. And I finished a blouse for C tonight but hope to show it in its outfit glory when the coordinating pants are done. As they are summer weight I ought to wrap them up soon, eh?


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