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The Fair September 25, 2011

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Been awhile, I know. M and C are in full school year swing now, and except for the fact that M has now stopped napping at all on weekdays they both seem to be doing well. M was all excited the other day because they had a special “spinach teacher” give a lesson. (If only that were true…someone to teach her to eat vegetables! Instead of course, it was a Spanish teacher.) C has also started violin lessons. So far, just lots of practice holding the violin, but she is keeping up with practicing most days, so that is better than I had expected!

Oh, and I got a new job, so back to work after a looooong break (almost 3.5 years? really??). Part-time, development work, and I get to carpool with G! On my off days I can volunteer at C’s school, pick up M from school, and do grocery shopping alone. I had forgotten what a pain childcare is though—I still have some days in October that I haven’t found anyone for yet. Sigh. Fingers crossed that all works out and the kids do OK!

Today we went to the Fair. This is our sixth year in a row, although the first time that we have gone without relatives or friends. Except for two bursts of heavy rain—one which found us frighteningly near an inflated ride that started to blow over—the day went quite well. M napped in the stroller, we spent an outrageous amount of money on rides, we got terrible fries, standard ice cream (C was worried about me driving after a root beer float—hard to explain that that kind of beer is ok!), and fair scones, and saw the prize winning pumpkin (927 pounds if I am not mistaken). Yay. C is a huge ride fan now and M was right there with her (although she did say later that she was scared on the giant slide….)





(That yellow slide is the giant one, and you can see the worry on her face. The pink slide is merely really big, and was one of her favorite parts of the fair). The last picture is C on a huge wooden toilet. Ah, the fair.

And here is a photo for my mom of one of the exhibits at Hobby Hall, where folks show their collections:


C was so excited to see it, and pointed out which carrots she thought grammy had and which ones she should start seeking out. We all thought Grammy could give these amateur collectors a run for their money though.


School September 7, 2011

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C started 2nd grade last week and was way too cool for school…


Me: “C we will miss you during the day! We got used to you being around for lunch over the summer!”

C: “You will be ok by Thursday, Friday at the latest.”


M started preschool (Montessori) today. We visited her school yesterday and she met her teachers, found out the potty is just the right size for her, and tested the playground slide surface for extreme heat (heatwave here). After a last minute trip for classroom slippers (I swear, that was not called out in the all the emails and literature we have received!) she was ready to go. Excited this morning, and talked about how nice her teachers are—although yesterday she would not say a single word while we were there.


C: “M you do not need to brush your hair because it is so silky!”

M: “C! I need to brush my hair because I am going to BIG GIRL SCHOOL!”