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School September 7, 2011

Filed under: Kids — bonniep @ 9:26 am

C started 2nd grade last week and was way too cool for school…


Me: “C we will miss you during the day! We got used to you being around for lunch over the summer!”

C: “You will be ok by Thursday, Friday at the latest.”


M started preschool (Montessori) today. We visited her school yesterday and she met her teachers, found out the potty is just the right size for her, and tested the playground slide surface for extreme heat (heatwave here). After a last minute trip for classroom slippers (I swear, that was not called out in the all the emails and literature we have received!) she was ready to go. Excited this morning, and talked about how nice her teachers are—although yesterday she would not say a single word while we were there.


C: “M you do not need to brush your hair because it is so silky!”

M: “C! I need to brush my hair because I am going to BIG GIRL SCHOOL!”


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