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Halloween, 80s style October 31, 2011

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This was our second year to all dress up in one theme for Halloween. Office party (G and I of course at the same office now) and friends’ costume party on Friday night, and trick or treating on Monday. Whole families are fairly common at the downtown Bothell trick or treating event, although not very populous at work. Sadly, Friday is one of my non work days, so I wasn’t in for the employee costume contest, else surely I would have gotten that damn $50 Amazon gift card. Sadly, G did not win either, despite the fact that only about 5 people dressed up. Anyway.

C has been talking about her costume since last year and we all put a little effort into it. Assembled with thrift store goodies found with her dad, hair paint, hair paste, and a very retro top found at Target last week I present…the girl who just wanted to have fun:



Here is my favorite shot though…


(Um, Cyndi Lauper of course.)

Little M’s costume was a little harder to guess (OK, no one guessed) but fit in with our theme quite well…she was so fine, she blew my mind:


Toni Basil, mostly known for singing “Mickey”.

Let’s say we’ve watched that video a lot.

My costume was somewhat questionable for work, but as it turned out several people didn’t recognize me (hopefully says something about my costume and not my impact at the office). Multiple neighbors did not recognize me either. G rather likes the makeup though.


Who’s that girl?


OK, side by side they aren’t that close. Also, at the costume party several people thought I was Courtney Love. Sigh. I think we were three great looking 80s ladies though!


And what about G? Well, every lady’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man…


ZZ Top (with restyled “cave man” beard).

Now…to start planning for 2012…


One Response to “Halloween, 80s style”

  1. sulu-design Says:

    These are AWESOME costumes. I totally recognized M’s as soon as I saw it. You guys are no joke – you put our non-costume wearing selves to shame.

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