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Halloween, the not costume parts October 31, 2011

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G is getting over an illness, and I am still in the throes of one. With me working many afternoons and busy weekends, the pumpkin patch seemed like it wasn’t in the cards this year. I tried to fake it on Saturday with M at the fruit market. She has a very funny smile lately…


M! Look up at me and smile!


We achieved somewhat more natural looks if I got her to tell me a knock knock joke. The only one she regularly gets right is “knock knock. who’s there? ketchup. ketchup who? ketchup to me and I’ll tell you!”


The other day though, she gave the punch line as “Ketchup to me and I will love you forever and ever!” I think we’ll keep her around a while longer.

Then on Sunday, despite some rainy weather, I squeezed in a pumpkin patch visit in the 1/2 hour we had between engagements…


Pumpkins were a bit sparse and rotting. But mostly we needed gourds anyway. I got some new pie pumpkins to try, “winter luxury pie” instead of the standard “sugar pie”.


Why the pumpkin frenzy? We had two carving parties, on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Now the Saturday one had prizes and again this year we did not win. The competition is quite high. C just cut a moon in hers, but here are G’s and mine:


Sunday there was no competition, but that doesn’t stop us.


(You can see that we each have a specific pumpkin oeuvre in which we work…G prefers to need screws and a drill, I make liberal use of the linoleum block cutter.)

I was really blown away by C, who sat patiently with the little saw cutter for about an hour, drew her own design, and came up with cutaway curtains, swinging doors, spider rings, and a flag on hers…


And that was that.


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