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Wait, People have their Trees up already? November 28, 2011

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I have just gotten used to the idea that it is November. Shoot. This work thing is not always working to my advantage methinks. I also managed to miss every cyber Monday sale I was interested in (work day + kid bedtime + west coast timezone = sales over when I can get on the computer).

But, I did have an exciting discovery today—that outfit I made for M is a finalist! Woohoo! Big money, no whammies folks. And I would love your vote if you can spare the click…Vote For ME! (Mine is in the Fabric-Wearables category)

I have so many other projects to share…if only I was home during nice daylight hours with willing models. But for now, a quick flyby post.

This dress is just about done save for some hand stitching needed to cover up a slight discrepancy in facing length:


(Old Ottobre pattern, I want to say from 6/03 but I will check later to be sure).

And I mailed off a scarf for my dear mother’s birthday knit using yarn and a pattern from the Knitspot Fall in Full Color club:


(It looks more scarfy in real life when you can see the whole thing, but time was of the essence. As usual, I had put off the blocking and end weaving for a few months….)

And we did just get back from a fun holiday vacation trip:


Where C got all trendy…and planked:

We were with two other families and jointly cooked Thanksgiving dinner. We now have enough mashed potatoes and cranberry fig sauce to last a long, long time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go plan some Christmas sewing.


Celebrating Color November 20, 2011

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Celebrate Color

A favorite sewing blog (Stitched in Color) has been hosting a three month celebration of color and crafting. As soon as I read the initial post, I started planning an outfit for M. I had some yellow material from Lecien that I purchased with her in mind—it has tiny colorful flowers in orange, red, white, and turquoise and just screamed M in the fall to me.

I put together two japanese patterns (the top is from Girls Style Wardrobe and the pants are from an issue of Cucito magazine) and made what I think is an awfully cute outfit. Of course, Life got in the way and I finished way later than planned, so the 40 degree weather here is a bit cool for this fall outfit! Somehow I don’t think that will stand in M’s way. Picture-taking opportunities have also been hard to come by, hence the late afternoon, post nap hair and yawning here!

Top has pleats at the neck, balloon sleeves, a rear yoke, brown lace edging at the hem and two acorn buttons at the neck. The pants are cropped brown fine cord with pockets on the front and reverse pleat openings of the same material as the shirt on the sides. Isn’t she a vision of fall?



There is a little contest associated with the color celebration, so I am throwing my hat into the Wearables category ring. Fingers crossed for me please!


Big Balloons November 12, 2011

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For C’s birthday I bought 5 36” diameter latex balloons in three different shades of pink. Although the website I found them on suggested they would be about $1/balloon to fill with helium, G reported it was more like $8/balloon. Gah! Also, he couldn’t get them all home in the car. To two he added some fixative that makes them last longer; those are the two I was able to photograph on a later date.



Not my best photography—but a pretty good balloon purchase (not sure if we would do it again given the cost of the helium though).