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Wait, People have their Trees up already? November 28, 2011

Filed under: Family,Kids,knitting,photography,Sewing,Travel — bonniep @ 10:12 pm

I have just gotten used to the idea that it is November. Shoot. This work thing is not always working to my advantage methinks. I also managed to miss every cyber Monday sale I was interested in (work day + kid bedtime + west coast timezone = sales over when I can get on the computer).

But, I did have an exciting discovery today—that outfit I made for M is a finalist! Woohoo! Big money, no whammies folks. And I would love your vote if you can spare the click…Vote For ME! (Mine is in the Fabric-Wearables category)

I have so many other projects to share…if only I was home during nice daylight hours with willing models. But for now, a quick flyby post.

This dress is just about done save for some hand stitching needed to cover up a slight discrepancy in facing length:


(Old Ottobre pattern, I want to say from 6/03 but I will check later to be sure).

And I mailed off a scarf for my dear mother’s birthday knit using yarn and a pattern from the Knitspot Fall in Full Color club:


(It looks more scarfy in real life when you can see the whole thing, but time was of the essence. As usual, I had put off the blocking and end weaving for a few months….)

And we did just get back from a fun holiday vacation trip:


Where C got all trendy…and planked:

We were with two other families and jointly cooked Thanksgiving dinner. We now have enough mashed potatoes and cranberry fig sauce to last a long, long time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go plan some Christmas sewing.


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