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Holidays—Making and Doing December 29, 2011

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Erm, the holidays were busy.

C made some gifts:


(a bubble painted bowl for M, hand print tree platter for us all. Plus some others not shown—including an AG hat and scarf that she sewed on her own for M)

and played in her first recital:


M made a gift:


A lovely little candle holder.

And together, they put candy on this gingerbread house:


Using leftover icing (which apparently wasn’t quite sticky enough) from the cookies that I made. My cookie tray for the neighbors this year was five winners and one epic fail (although I didn’t put that on the plate):




Martha Stewart firework sugar cookies from the July MSL, reworked to be more like Christmas ornaments, chocolate peanut butter truffles (also MSL), Maple Sugar Daddies (er, MSL), rose scented macarons and gingerbread reindeer (from here but using her gingerbread recipe instead. and candy eyes from Target). And then the epic fail—homemade cider gumdrops. A real shame, after making G go to five stores to find universal pectin and unbuffered vitamin C powder. You can see the circle shapes that I had carefully cut out and rolled in sugar/C mixture which were place between layers of parchment…and melted into a solid block by the next morning. Sigh.

Continuing the baking theme… and the MSL theme…I made a six layer, salted caramel chocolate cake for Christmas Eve dinner:


Outside, with sea salt on the top and “artful” icing flourishes. Inside, although caramel only really seeped out of one set of layers. This cake was moist and amazing, but so rich that even I couldn’t finish my piece. And that is saying a lot!

Well, more to show later but the sitter has appeared and Girl with a Dragon Tattoo calls…