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More Christmas January 1, 2012

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Saw the Nutcracker 2 days before Christmas and although M fell asleep for the last 20 minutes I believe we all enjoyed it. C suckered G into getting her a Nutcracker doll; not to be outdone her friend got a doll and a stuffed animal. But who posed more accurately?


Racing down the stairs on Christmas morning (they were told they could get us up after 7:00 am. They were in our room at 7:01. Thanks for the extra minute, I guess).


I think American Girl should maybe just take a deduction from our paychecks. Sigh. But they do love them all.


(You can’t quite tell, but one of the dolls is in a wheelchair, a Santa gift much enjoyed).

Uncle D gave the girls a goo bath for Christmas, H2Goo I believe, which turned the bath water into a weird, gooey mess. Much enjoyed by both. Clearing it out of M’s ears, not so fun.


If what all those pictures make you think is Gee, someone needs a haircut, fear not. They both went in after Christmas and are much improved.


Er, that wasn’t the shot I meant to share, let’s try this one.


Girls! Let’s see your best smiles!


I tell you, taking these pictures ain’t easy. Far too much hugging, for one thing.


Well, these will have to do.


(Post Frog and Toad performance, with C showing off a sweater I made her this year.)


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