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Snowpocalypsette January 19, 2012

Filed under: Kids — bonniep @ 10:14 pm

Here is M on New Year’s Day, admittedly a bit underdressed:


And here she is on Sunday:


Yes, we finally got some snow here—in fact more than some. Enough for four straight snow days from school (Monday was a holiday) and some serious snow fun. My work schedule has been trashed though and I am really hoping for some rain to melt the snow this weekend!

Sunday was just the start, but even when you can see grass our side lawn is sleddable.


Ohmygoodness, isn’t she adorable in that hat?


Tuesday-Thursday was the real snow though (plus ice storm! It isn’t Seattle without an ice storm!)


Minimal plowing + house on a hill = street sledding!


And how about this one in her hat?? (knit by me…)


Oh—see that new tooth? In the space where *3* teeth should be? Phase 1 of orthodontia starts in February. C is super excited, but we’ll see how long that lasts once the roof of the mouth expander is actually in.

We got in lots of outside time, C and I sewed up a storm, and there has been hot cocoa with marshmallows. But today was pretty icy, we are running low on food supplies, and M had a bit of a sledding accident today, so at least one of us is ready for a return to normal. And to the gym.


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