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Valentine’s day February 16, 2012

Filed under: Kids — bonniep @ 10:26 pm

I know, I am the worst blogger ever! Between work and general life, not a lot of picture taking has been going on. I did manage to have both girls make all their valentines for school this year, as well as some for neighbors. M was very excited to have her first celebration at school (although her school doesn’t allow sugar, unlike C’s which had candy and sundaes!) and she got a big card from her favorite friend at school, “silly guy” D who “loves me so much”.


(Apparently D’s family ignored the no candy rule, as those are chocolate Xs and Os!)

C was the only one in her class to make her own, but I did let her attach some M&Ms to each. The other parents repaid in kind.


The girls were quite happy to deliver cards to the neighbors as well…


And then pose for some quick photos (nothing like a day where it isn’t raining, at least not right then!)


They both prefer silly poses.


But I did get a nice one of M while she was laughing at her own craziness.


And C showed me “rock star”. (Huh?)


C’s orthodontist appointments were moved up due to lack of dental insurance next week (er, G is switching jobs). She got her palatal expander yesterday and has made it through one expansion. She remains excited beyond belief about her cool new hardware.

I have about a million things to catch up on this weekend and documenting some cool things going on around here is one of them. So I hope to be back soon with updates!


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