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Mid-Winter break February 26, 2012

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Last Sunday the girls got up and played together nicely for a while. G and I love overhearing the crazy stuff they get up to. Dress up frequently appears.


(Excuse the unintentionally awkward posing!) Glad to see C is still wearing the little red riding hood cape I made in a rush many moons ago. M can really work the padded belly dancer top:


Speaking of M, guess who learned how to write her own name??


An item of C’s to show off as well. Background to the story: at Halloween, G purchased a used video game guitar for his costume. Fast forward a few months to a day when I am occupied putting M down for a nap. C got busy with some markers, paper, and scissors and turned out this:


This is a girl she made out of the upside down and backwards guitar—the base is forming the hair. Look at the negative space usage for the bangs! G and I were just astounded by this. The original (before M got to it and ripped some, requiring lots of tape to repair) even had the ends of the arms reaching into the pockets.

C continues to be a trooper about the palate expander, claiming that it feels better each night when we tighten it.


That big tooth up front it a permanent one, the one to the left actually fell out on Saturday night!

This past week the girls were on mid-winter break and G was between jobs, so they got to hang out a lot together. G had a huge list he wanted to get done and (darn him) he achieved most of it—including planting flowers in the flower boxes he made last year and then hooking up a drip irrigation system. The front of our house looks so cheerful now, I really owe you pictures.

On Friday, I didn’t work as well and we spent the day together, starting with brunch/lunch at Café Flora (a new favorite—I bought the cookbook while we were there and have already made 3 things from it!), followed by a long trip to the Pacific Science Center, continuing with dinner at a Mexican place and finally winding down with fro yo sundaes at a yogurt bar.

I think C most enjoyed the games area, where she beat G 3 times at 3D tic tac toe. M most liked “the playing”. I for one can’t resist a butterfly garden.

030 044040054

(C in another thing I sewed for her. She is my biggest fan.)

It was a great day. As for me, M did tell me today that I “am the bestest mommy in the wide wide world. [I] am better than nobody.” So there.


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