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Mostly Tulips, or adventures in straight horizon line photography April 30, 2012

Filed under: Family,photography — bonniep @ 9:56 pm

My parents came for spring break a week or two ago, to hang out with the kids while G and I worked. I think the kids had a good time (although C was battling a week long flu-or-cold-or-something and M showed a bit too much Grammy favoritism). Hopefully my parents did too! I did make chocolate custard tart one night for dessert, so that should have helped.

The last day of the visit, we were able to visit the tulip festival. This is our 7th spring here in WA, and every year I have wanted to visit the tulip festival—finally, this was our year. Except for a late start and a GPS that kept wanting me to drive directly down the street that was closed for an art festival, we made it there in time to enjoy good weather. The tulips lived up to their promise. My even camera holding, only sometimes.





The girls got their faces painted, and exhibited their usual antics. This seems to have led to the world tipping slightly.



Then C slipped in the mud and there was an unhappy half hour or so. Mine made the less happy when discovering that the “restrooms” were a line of port-a-potties. Not very fun with a 4 year old!

However we then hit the street fair, C was bribed calmed with a new puppet, M got a balloon flower, we all had a wonderful dinner, and the evening ended on a high note.


Yay tulip festival!


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