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Famous last words October 29, 2012

Filed under: Family,Kids — bonniep @ 11:19 pm

“M, I could make you a black kitty costume!”


Taking a break from the faux fur mess in the sewing room with the news that I did find those “missing” photos. G had them.


So, we’ve got some grandkids with grandparents from Ohio in August…

new playground 035new playground 030

new playground 033

It is impossible to get a picture of everyone looking forward and smiling, especially because sometimes they aren’t even trying to cooperate…

new playground 031

First day of 3rd grade for C…

new playground 039new playground 038

And posing with her mini-me…

new playground 042new playground 043new playground 044

First day of second year of Montessori preschool for M…

new playground 067new playground 062new playground 069

(She can be a handful, but it is almost always a happy handful…)

G was quite occupied last year with a PTA activity he spearheaded to fund and build a new playground at the school across the street. And the second week of school, his vision was made reality. As fate would have it though, C is no longer attending that school (because she was accepted into an advanced learner program that operates out of a different public school) but the kids were still pretty excited about it.

new playground 086new playground 089new playground 098new playground 079

(Can’t read the sign in the last picture? It says to stay off the equipment because the cement is drying. I guess being the head of the playground committee had its perks though Winking smile)

OK, back into the costume sewing fray. Hopefully Halloween pictures to follow in the next few days!


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