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Catching up November 28, 2012

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OK, my computer situation is leaving much to be desired. Hint, hint G. Trying to post anyway…

Time has sped up exponentially. Why did I think I would have all this free time once I stopped working? Still wondering what happened to October and it is almost December. But here we go…


Pictures at the fruit market since the rain seemed like it would never end.




Pictures at the pumpkin patch in the two hours it wasn’t raining:


Which is bigger—belly or pumpkin?


One of G’s pumpkins, which sadly rotted before Halloween. Supposed to look like M. He wasn’t going to go all out this year carving…that lasted about 10 minutes.


Were-cat (the evil cat of the evil fairy, which can stand on two legs):


Black fur vest and hood made by me (OK, the ears are ridiculously large), mitts made by me, purchased leggings, shirt, tail, and mask.

Evil fairy:


Purchased purple feather wings, evil horns, trident, mask, purple velvet dress from a previous Halloween (thrifted). Purple sparkly overskirt made by me.

The dynamic, but EVIL, duo:



Getting her ears pierced—at a body piercing parlor, so this is the needle hanging in her ear. She was quite brave during the whole procedure.


First slumber party. Oh my goodness. Making their own cupcake decorations the night of, doing pottery the next morning. G and I survived—but barely.



Post haircut:


Knitted baby dress for next door neighbor due 2 weeks before us:


Visit from Grandma and Grandpa:


These girls love to listen to some books Smile

Post Thanksgiving Fremont Troll visit (a mostly annual tradition):




G’s girls, all together. (Cowl knit by me.)


One Response to “Catching up”

  1. sulu-design Says:

    Your belly! So cute! I don’t think I saw you anywhere near this stage with your first two pregnancies – your bump is awesome! I hope you feel as good as you look.

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