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Little C—One Month January 25, 2013

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Little C turned one month old yesterday. How did it go so fast?? Probably Christmas + visitors + other kids with their activities helped, but man it seems like just the other day I had the “baby blues” and was weepy about not being pregnant anymore, and the other day before that I was complaining about still being pregnant, and in between there somewhere I had a baby.


Anyway, the infamous “birthday cat” shall reprise his roll as monthly baby gage for photos.


See that—multicolored cat with baby in multicolored cat sleeper? Couldn’t have planned it better if I tried. Thank goodness the poop washed out of that sleeper after the first wear.

At one month…

  • Little C weighed in at 11lbs. 14oz. at her pediatrician appointment and 23.8” putting her off the charts for both height and weight. Her head was a respectable 15.5” which is 95% but not above 95% like the height and weight.
  • She is a great little nurser who only spits up on occasion, but has louder burps and way more gas than I remember with the other girls.
  • We are stretching the bounds of some of the 0-3 month size clothes, especially onesies (this is due to bodacious cloth diapered booty).
  • Poor kid has some terrible skin, but hopefully it will clear up soon. Her baby acne has been compounded by some cradle cap which doesn’t look too bad here, but looked especially bad in the full size, high megapixel versions of the pictures.
  • That hair! All my girls have had it, and we love it every time!
  • Each of the girls has had some little physical quirks…C has the non-healing belly button that required chemical cauterization, an umbilical hernia, and a small strawberry hemangioma on her leg. Also, her belly button looks like a smile.


  • She has some serious chub. We are talking back fat, eye fat, and armpit fat here folks. So incredibly kissable.
  • She is super, super snuggly and can curl up into quite a little ball on your shoulder.
  • She grunts, wheezes, snorts, and generally is a loud baby. Cooing has started recently. A grunting baby is a breathing baby though, so no complaints.
  • She is super mellow except for a few times in the car when she hadn’t yet fallen asleep and we had to stop for lights and/or slow moving car lines (darn that daily school pickup routine!) Rarely cries, doesn’t mind other people holding her, falls asleep staring off in the distance in your arms (OK, not all the time), completely tolerates the big sisters holding, hugging, patting on the head, etc. etc.
  • Sleeps a lot. We really haven’t had more than an hour or two of continuous awake time yet. She has slept through every violin lesson of C’s. And nights are (knock wood) not bad really—she wakes for a diaper change and to nurse, but quickly goes back to sleep. Please, please, let this one be my sleeper—especially a napper! Oooh, I haven’t had a napper before!
  • Not a big fan of the tummy time, but we do have liftoff.


  • Likes her swing. (Might be growing out of her swaddle though.)


  • Is super loved by the whole family.



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