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Baby smiles February 9, 2013

Filed under: Kids — bonniep @ 3:04 pm

Little C continues to pack on the pounds, but also sleep really well at night—score! Last night she slept from about 11:30 pm – 8 am. Cannot complain about that, especially now that my body seems to be getting used to it as well.

Also, this is one happy little girl:


And we have the hair in full effect still:



Some baby chub:


Cute baby feet that defy booties:


And general baby cuteness:


And cannot forget the sister “loving”:


Little C was weighed at my 6 week final midwife appointment this week and is a whopping 12 lbs. 13 oz. Strong and healthy. The baby acne is subsiding somewhat thank goodness! The rain has held off for a bit allowing me to get out and about and do errands on foot with C in the stroller—the post office, library, and grocery store are all within walking distance as well as some restaurants and coffee shops. We do live on the side of a hill though so every return journey is uphill.

Oh, and my birthday was yesterday. Big C made me a paper sculpture, M gave me a card and a grocery bag full of her “works” from school, and I guess Little C gave me that 8 hours of sleep. Much appreciated, all of them!


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