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Best Baby in a leading role February 24, 2013

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(Oscars are tonight.)

Someone turned 2 months (!!) old today, celebrating with a walk outside and a bath (although after these pictures, so excuse the somewhat dirty hair). We visit the pediatrician tomorrow to discover measurements and get many, many shots.


Poor little C has had a cold for the past few days which has led to some sobbing uses of the nasal aspirator. Nasal aspirator technology has vastly improved since I was shopping for big C, although I did bypass the battery operated one that Target had for $25. The cold doesn’t bother her much except for some sudden phelgmy coughy thing which causes her to projectile vomit up all of the milk she has just drunk. When you hear the spit up splashing down it isn’t a good sign. Especially on our bed. Ugh.

Otherwise, she is a happy, chill little kid. Catnaps mostly during the day but does some good long sleeps at night, a good 12 hours of mostly sleeping with just one or two middle of the night “booby calls”. Every now and then she surprises with a mega daytime nap. I have been volunteering at big C’s school again and little C was pretty good for those, mostly sleeping. She has also been very good for her dad while I have had various dental procedures and a pedicure with the older girls for my birthday.


Little C coos and smiles at us and definitely notices her big sisters. Hard not to when they are right in your face. That is mostly M though. I don’t think she has noticed the cat even when the cat is walking very close to her head. Birthday cat is basically ignored as well.


Is that a rude gesture there? Her hands are often in a “holding cards tight to the vest” position, or whirling around practicing her hooks.


We thought the first two girls were easy, but this baby has got to be just about the easiest baby ever. Those long sleeps, not much crying… The first two required some tight swaddling, but this one is just fine in regular baby sleepers, sleeping with her hands flung up around her head. And while I recall bouncing on big balls holding the others, little C will just doze off as you are holding her. Some occasional fussiness and trouble going to sleep is quickly resolved with a pacifier (which the others never showed any interest in). She is fairly tolerant of sisterly grabbiness (there is much fighting over baby C!) The only real unhappiness is during tummy time, but we soldier on anyway—big C is especially tolerant and will lay on the floor with her, cheering every little lift of the head.

Baby C hangs out while it all happens, sometimes just giving us suspicious looks, other time bemused, but happy to absorb all the loving that the family wants to give her.


This past week was mid-winter break (not to be confused with winter break which happened around Christmas) but we have all lived to tell the tale, even had a few playdates at our house. The girls and I had one big task this week—sorting out all the kids books. Between picture books, board books, and chapter books…ohmygoodness did we have a lot of books. This is just some of them:


Well, we winnowed the collection (finding a surprising number of duplicates) and now everything fits onto the kid bookshelves and is neatly reorganized. Big C and M both got distracted multiple times during the process when forgotten favorites were uncovered. We have all the board books in low containers ready for little C to discover. And actual space for some new books to arrive. All that remains is for me to box up the giveaways and deal with them. No doubt that will get taken care of shortly. Ahem. Next up, winnowing the toy collection and cleaning up the playrooms. A much harder task but this one went well enough that I am not (too) worried.


One Response to “Best Baby in a leading role”

  1. sulu-design Says:

    One of my favorite things to read about on blogs is cleaning and purging! I’ll want to see evidence of the toy clean up, too, please.
    Happy belated birthday. I hope you enjoyed it.

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