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Before Winter’s End March 16, 2013

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I have been trying to get outside for lots of walks with Little C. Her snowsuit is the only 0-3 month item that still fits.


Admittedly, this picture is almost a month old, from mid-winter break. Out and about trying to burn off some kid energy.


(Yes, one is in hat and scarf while other has removed her coat. Sigh.)

Big C’s science fair is coming up this week—she experimented with liquids and electricity. G supervised of course.


Sometimes they wear things I made. Knit hat from the knitspot.com Fall in Full Color club. Go Canton, OH based designers!


And the surprising long term favorite red riding hood cape, made several years ago for fairy tale day at school, yet often used as actual outerwear by both kids.


(Incidentally—those purple boots are on of my best purchases ever…need to find the next size though!)

The big girls got haircuts yesterday and each received some decorative braiding…


These pictures are from lunch afterwards, where the waitress came over to complement how well-behaved my kids were. Always nice, especially when I am out with all three by myself. And when the rest of the day is complaining and fighting Winking smile However, we also had an older couple come over and ask if the baby was a girl too. When I said yes, the husband replied “Oh, that would just break my heart.” Sometimes I hate people. Sigh. Please don’t share your weird sentiments right in front of my lovely kids. Because who wouldn’t be overjoyed with this third daughter?



Who was off the charts for height and weight at her two month check up, weighing in at a hefty 13 lbs. 13 oz. We are not convinced that unassisted sitting will ever be possible.


Hee hee. Just kidding. We all love to rub her belly, squeeze her thighs, and watch her cheeks jiggling in the stroller as we go over bumps. She is a smiley girl and still sleeping great at night. Now if only M would stop waking me up every night to take her to the bathroom…

Poopy diaper calls (ok, so it isn’t all happiness and roses)…


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