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3 months March 24, 2013

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I swear, time is flying by faster than ever. We saw a lot of people from C’s school this week at her science fair, many of whom hadn’t seen the baby yet. And here she is already a sizeable 3 month old!

Size-wise she is somewhere around 16 lbs. (using the very scientific weigh self + baby, minus weight of self method). So we may not be long for the 3-6 month size clothes either. Sigh. She is just a bundle of squeezable cuteness though.


Look at those arms! Look at those cheeks! Look at that sweater vest I knitted and then realized she was almost to big for!

She does have some quirks, one of which is linty fingers. Every day I have to scrape lint out from between those fingers and I don’t know where it is coming from.


Little C is an incredibly easy-going baby who smiles and smiles. She is babbling up a storm (in addition to her early repertoire of grunts, sneezes, and chortling sounds) and has been known to “sing” through big C’s whole violin lesson. She doesn’t seem to have a regular napping schedule yet, and attempts to get her to sleep for my volunteer time at C’s school each week have failed miserably. During the Great Books discussion group I lead for some 3rd graders she has been OK, but listening to C’s class do book reports (what can I say, I have focused my volunteering on an area dear to my heart—reading!) has been touch and go. Little C threw up all over my shirt and pants during one kid’s book report last week, and I have had to call big C out to do her reports while I try to change a diaper in my lap or nurse little C. I am all for nursing and public nursing, but somehow nursing with C’s classmates seems a bit iffy.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, easy going little C. You need to be easy going to put up with these big sisters. There are many fights over who has gotten to hold her more.


M is quite a good helper though—she will wet washcloths for diaper changes, pick out outfits, and during her two days off of school last week read books to Little C while I did my exercises.


Ha ha, love that one.


She seems to have settled on a 7:30 bed time over the past week or so. She is a great nighttime sleeper (knock wood!!) only waking once or so to eat before morning. However, this has also seemed to require some fussiness right around dinner time as she starts to power down. Nobody’s perfect.

Little C really does feel like a Christmas gift to our family.


During the week Little C and I try to get out for 3 long walks (3.5-4.5 miles depending on whether the neighbor and her baby are walking with us) and do errands on foot when possible. I have also managed to run twice! 3 miles each time, not easy at all but better the second time. Little C is still too little for the jogging stroller so these runs will be infrequent for now, but hopefully I won’t backslide as much as I did with each of the other girls. The rest of the time she seems to spend in the car, picking up the girls from school, taking them to various lessons, etc. Both have swimming (on different days due to my own screw up), C takes violin and French, and M started piano this week. And of course regular orthodontist visits…

We made it through the science and art fair last week and M passed her speech therapist evaluation last week (but will probably still have some laser surgery on her tongue in the next few months. Darn tongue tie can grow back apparently!) Next up is Easter with our neighborhood egg hunt and friends over for dinner (“Feaster”), then M’s 5th (!!) birthday and party. After that it will practically be spring break, visit from grandparents, and then 4 month birthday…goodness.


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