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Easter April 4, 2013

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Easter weekend was sunny and gorgeous here, so much time was spent outside and there wasn’t as much cooking (our guests for dinner cancelled anyway) or egg dyeing as in a standard year. No complaints though.


The tie-dye set even almost worked.



This one just observed…maybe next year Little C.

Easter morning had our annual neighborhood brunch in the street + egg hunt event. I made the traditional Christmas morning cinnamon rolls which the arrival of a certain baby delayed this year…


And that is pre-frosting. Yum. Needless to say, they were the first item finished on the brunch table.


Egg hunt competition was fierce, although one of my kids traded money from the eggs for a Squinkie that someone else got in an egg. Go for the money kid!

Meanwhile, Little C enjoyed the wind in her hair, and being the object of “pass the baby” as each neighbor wanted a turn.


Hooray for mellow babies!

The Easter Bunny had also graced our table that morning, leaving surprise balls for the older girls. No pictures of the aftermath, but much fun was had in unraveling them.


In other news….

M is enjoying her piano lessons—after just her second lesson she started composing her own songs. Need to get a photo of those. I have been playing a little bit too—although given a 20+ year break since my lessons ended it is slow going.


Our keyboard currently lives under our awesome family photo from the shoot in January.

Little C continues to work on neck strength, is balding a bit, and welcomes any new friends.



Oh, and has chubby wrists.


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