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5 April 15, 2013

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One week ago, M turned the big 5. (Speaking of which, everyone but me seems to have big deal birthdays this year…in our family there are some 75s, a 65, 40, 10, 5, 1 and then me…39. Boring.) I am not sure how this time has gone by so fast. Sniff.

First up was a huge party at the local jumping place. With M’s whole class invited as well as all the similarly aged neighbors and several other friends, there were a lot of goody bags to fill. Er, a lot of fun to be had!



Jumping, sliding, goldfish eating, sitting in the big puffy chair to open presents, and hiding with her daddy during the singing of Happy Birthday.

We had a planet/outer space theme including the awesomest cake ever from a friend who makes cakes professionally:


3 tiers with the sun and galaxy and rice krispie treat fashioned planets all around—check out that little rainbow on the earth! That is there because M loves rainbows, which is also why I requested a surprise inside the cake…


(*&(*@&(#*$& I know. Awesome cake right? Anyway, M had a blast and even baby C held it together pretty well.


A little forced toe nibbling helped.

The next day (the actual birthday) I attended birthday circle at M’s school, where she walked around the sun holding the earth 5 times.


Although her favorite part may have been wearing the plastic glove to hand out carefully baked dairy free banana bread.

Later that night we re-sang to her with some cake leftovers (although the kids preferred to eat planets this time) and opened family gifts. Who’s a princess?


M is such a fantastic kid. She wakes up every day full of energy and happiness and pretty much ends the day that way too. She always wants to hold her baby sister, reads to her, “bounces” her (um, we try to limit that one), brings wet wipes for diaper changes, picks out outfits, etc. etc. She is convinced baby C loves a game she calls “nothing, something” in which she pretty much just yells those words again and again.

She loves all her friends at school and would play with friends all day if possible. I think she is pretty much responsible for all the hugging that happens there. Her teacher wrote in her spring report card that having M in her class makes her like teaching more (and this is a great group of kids and a great teacher). She is so proud to show us all her work every week and is super proud of starting to read. M is a terror on her bike (training wheels are long gone) and scooter and has more bruises up and down her legs than just about any kid, but always jumps up to try again.

She loves her dad (although I think he would prefer fewer surprise attacks when he is working), is learning how to swim on her own, plays 4 songs on the piano and has composed 3 others, and would follow her big sister to the ends of the earth. Although she won’t eat many vegetables, she loves oatmeal at breakfast, salmon at dinner, and spinach pie any time. Oh sure, she has her moments, but for the most part our lives would not have been nearly as joyous without this little firecracker. Happy birthday M!


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