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Big C—the C stands for crafty April 15, 2013

Filed under: Kids — bonniep @ 10:13 pm

I wanted to pull this out for a special mention, but the main post from today is about M’s birthday last week—scroll down for that first!

Big C is definitely crafty—puppets, drawings, little things made out of pipe cleaners, etc. etc. she is constantly reclaiming things from the recycling and trash to make little crafts. She is also adept enough with the sewing machine now that she is (mostly) allowed to go into the sewing room and experiment (the mostly is due to an unwillingness to clean up afterwards, boo). As with last year, she handcrafted the birthday presents for M and I wanted to show her off a little bit.

First up, a stuffie made following some directions from a sock creatures book received for Christmas. The dress is her own design though.


Also, she used Power Point to create some sheets of paper dolls:


Finally, C fulfilled one of M’s birthday list wishes (the list was very strange this year, including “rainbow toy that you can’t take apart, rainbow coloring book, treasure box filled with gold and other fancy stuff”….)


This is of course, “black folder with a flower on it”. Hard to find in stores, yet requested by M. How much it will hold given that it is construction paper held together with scotch tape, who knows. But her impulse to make M’s heart’s desire is so sweet and her gifts so clever I felt they deserved their own little blog celebration.


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