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Mother’s Day May 12, 2013

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We are going on week two of at least someone in the house being sick. M finally, finally, seems healed (missed 4 days of school and had a 104.2 fever), but big and little C and I were all sick today. I thought perhaps I was feeling OKish but a 2 hour nap on Friday and a 3 hour nap yesterday said differently. And I have managed to overlap the start of allergy season with my cold, so yay for me!

G, the sole healthy holdout, isn’t really a go-all-out for Mother’s Day type. So he slept in while I got up with the kids, and only M had anything for me (some very cute pictures and a handprint they did at school). We did all go out for brunch though. And, um…I cooked dinner but he did clear the table and washed a pan.

(In his defense though, G did spend most of yesterday and today working on our backyard, which is hard for me to do what with seasonal allergies + baby to keep alive.)

So no big fancy gifts, no elaborate surprises, but I do have 3 wonderful girls and that is what matters.





I had to include that picture of Little C’s butt ruffle. At dinner it caused M to say “She is so pretty, she could capture a prince’s heart.” (Here’s hoping Prince Harry doesn’t see these pictures!)

Oh, and updates on little C. She weighed in a measly 16 lbs. 4 oz. at the pediatrician (95%) and a whopping 26.5” (>95%). Whatever her head was was over 95th percentile as well. These are 6-9 month size clothes in the picture (well, except for the dress, but we had to get that one on for Mother’s Day!) and none too soon I say. Her neck rash also turned out to be mild eczema, so we have gone from rare baths to nightly baths + a full rubdown with Aquaphor. She is the slipperiest little sucker when all greased up! On the other hand, my dry hands are basically cured. She is definitely the most washed person in the house.


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