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Putting Down Roots May 12, 2013

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As long as we have been together, G and I have never lived in one apartment/condo/house for more than 4 years. And we recently passed 3 years in this house. But I am hoping we are going to be here a long, long time. Because I hate moving. And, we have great neighbors, are near to good schools, can easily access a fantastic biking and running path, are seeing interesting new construction starting (welcome to Bothell, McMenamins!), and did I mention I hate moving?

So, with a plan to stay in one place, we are embarking on a grand plan to put down some literal roots. After consulting with a food forest designer, ordering a bunch of trees, and pricing out deck supplies, G is committed to many hours in the backyard (I have mentioned my seasonal allergies right? and needing to keep the baby alive? I did do some weeding today though…) and in the next few years we should be awash in rotting fruit organic produce.

We both do like a lot of color in the yard. No sparse, organized gardeners we.




OK, none of those are food but we do have that as well.


(Blueberries, strawberries, chives. Other food is planted, just not very photo worthy right now.)

It did break my heart though to prune one of our new peach trees. I know that you are supposed to remove all the fruit the first year and I did (well, saved one)….long term thinking, long term thinking.



(Before, and after.)

G worked a lot on the front of the house flower boxes this weekend as well. I need to get some pictures of those soon! We definitely have the most colorful flowers in the neighborhood!


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