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5 months. Ho hum. May 24, 2013

Filed under: Family,Kids — bonniep @ 10:16 pm

Little C turned 5 months old today but there wasn’t much celebrating. It was day 1 of a two day neighborhood garage sale so she pretty much chilled with me in the garage for 7 hours. A baby neither nurses nor naps well in a chilly garage with nosy people poking around at stuff all day. Plus, she was slightly offended that not more people wanted to buy her (very cheaply priced I think) 0-3 month and 3-6 month sized clothes. Another 7 hours tomorrow and we will count our measly take and celebrate properly.

At least the sun stayed out for some afternoon photos.



I can see sitting in her future now, although rolling over still isn’t happening. Her hand control is getting pretty spot on and she intentionally and successfully grabs toys to give them a good thrashing and then (literal) tongue lashing. She is a happy little girl who gives out those big smiles to her sisters, daddy, and random strangers trolling our garage and trying to buy a $2 CD for $1.


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