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Halfway June 24, 2013

Filed under: Kids — bonniep @ 10:20 pm

OK, who stole the last six months?   

Oh right, this baby.


She has smiles for everyone! She is such a happy little bean. However, the smiles lately are often hidden behind…



a thumb. The last month or so baby C discovered that thumb and it is in there ALL. THE. TIME. In between bites of food. In the car. In bed (although, hallelujah, it means I can nurse her and put her to bed without waking her up!) I mean, I guess I am glad she can self soothe, but why does she need 20 hours of soothing a day??

If the thumb isn’t in there, a teething or other toy usually is, as birthday cat unhappily discovered today. Soggy paws, an unforeseen occupational hazard.


Baby C has also discovered rolling over back to front (an excellent opportunity to catch a hand underneath you with a thumb perfectly positioned for sucking), the cat (we are working on “gentle touching”), saying “ba-ba-ba-ba-BA-BA-BA!” and seemingly singing along to music in the car, and is getting quite accurate with her grabbing and object handling (see: discovered the cat).

Eating is proceeding nicely, she prefers to hold the spoon on her own (more opportunity to gum it). Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and banana are all hits; jury is still out on avocado.


We have seen, um, evidence of actual ingestion. We see the pediatrician in a few days and will have info on weight and such. And perhaps more info on how to serve meat puree (currently a suggested first food for iron intake). Milky meat puree. Gah.

I also finally caved and purchased a jumperoo, which I avoided for the first two kids. Poor baby C, she just has to spend more time on her own as two bigger sisters need lunches packed, laundry done, etc. Sisters who can watch her for a minute in the jumperoo, while the cat remains a bit safer. No action shots, but rest assured jumping happens.


Baby C is the mellowest, happiest little baby, who sleeps 10-12 hours at night and takes some good naps, yet mostly allows herself to be dragged around to camp/school pickups and drop offs and errand running without complaint. Trying to keep to an overall routine of a morning nap two hours after she gets up, and then an afternoon nap another two hours after awakening from the morning nap, but trying to be ok with just hitting that goal most of the time. As long as that thumb is nearby, I think she can deal with anything—and with a smile to boot.


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