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Getting our craft on July 8, 2013

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The long awaited picture of the flower boxes that G built for in front of our house:

026 copy

The paint colors all match the house so they look right at home. And the colorful flowers make our house look amazing. He even added a special hanging frame for our address (although I blurred it for public consumption).

Last week the kids had no camps plus it was 4th of July, which is a big deal in Bothell in general and our neighborhood in specific. Much eating happens as well as a big parade. With a little coaxing from me, the girls begged me to make them matching outfits for the 4th. Which I happily acceded to; until about 3 am that morning when I was regretting my decision. Around 3:45 I declared them finished, although the bottoms of the shirts weren’t hemmed at all (when I say outfits, I mean shirts and shorts for both older girls…so 4 items, which I left until the day before to trace, iron, cut out, and sew. I am not saying I am blameless here.) Well, the morning of the 4th big C was quite disappointed that the shirts weren’t hemmed (!!) so I did agree to serge them at least. I caught her complaining about it again later to a friend, although when she saw me listening she quickly changed tactics and announced that her mom had done something “very special” to the shirts. I have since hemmed them. Sigh.


(Rear view of M so you can see the shorts….) Was it worth it? Well, this is I think my 3rd year in a row sewing last minute outfits, and they wear them every year so…

The middle photo shows M all ready for the extensive neighborhood fireworks display.

The first photo shows big C eating my other major 4th of July contribution:


Homemade ice cream sandwiches. Chocolate cookies with fresh mint ice cream, and brown sugar cookies with sweet potato ice cream. When I first brought them out everyone gravitated towards the classic chocolate + mint (although since it is fresh garden mint the taste is fairly distinctive) but once someone was willing to try the other ones, which tasted like Thanksgiving pie reinterpreted as an ice cream sandwich, those went quickly.

I had thought the girls and I would get a ton of crafts done while they were home from camp, but in the end just one—tie dying t-shirts. The older girls each did one, I did a romper for baby C, and a neighbor did a shirt as well. I think they came out pretty well:


Hmm. These pictures might not show the clothes too well, but imagine rainbow tie dye and I think you will mostly get it.

Baby C is around for more than just these pictures of course. She was at the 4th, although I didn’t make her outfit (thank you Target) and didn’t catch her hat on camera, so you are not getting the full effect.


She has been eating solids like a champ and is getting quite dexterous with the spoon. We are not sure she has ingested any actual water from the doctor recommended sippy cup though. And had some severe, ah, “issues” which resulted in the hasty addition of prunes to her repertoire.


That is just a light coating of food—carrot perhaps?—but we are not always so lucky…This


quickly goes to this


Not the eye! Not the eye! Too late.

So that is life here…weather is fantastic, much fun to be had, and nightly baths required.


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