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With a cherry on top August 4, 2013

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Lots going on, as always, chez us.

Was able to order 2# of tart cherries three weeks in a row from our CSA, Full Circle Farms. So we had three weekends of cherry pie. Shared with friends and neighbors (it is unrealistic to eat an entire pie three weeks in a row. Especially if you are also making vanilla bean ice cream to go with it) and bartered for homemade crab cakes, 4 wild caught salmon fillets, a bottle of wine and platter of cheese. Works for me!

003 003005

We have been eating blueberries and golden cherry tomatoes from the garden. G ate our solitary plum the other day, and yesterday we found one of our two peaches on the ground so that had to get eaten…hoping the trees really do bear a lot of fruit next year because it was fantastic!


The older girls have been to a bunch of camps so far this summer—big C concentrating on art but with some other varieties coming up and M dabbling in art, climbing, and soccer. Big C is not the team sport type (yet? we are happy to support her if she changes her mind!) but M has always seemed sporty. However, she has been resistant to playing sports until she agreed this summer to do soccer camp with a neighbor. Once she was signed up though, there were weeks of alternating tears and excitement. Once the day arrived, and we had gear borrowed from another neighbor, she was pretty pumped—told me that “soccer people” keep their socks and shin guards in their rooms (this, from the girl who tried to put the shin guards on the bottoms of her feet at first!) and after the first day of camp took her new soccer ball to bed with her. She is signed up for a fall league, so fingers crossed enthusiasm remains high! That crazy kid even did the monkey bars all the way across by herself today.


Oh, and we started some outdoor swimming lessons last week—even the day it was raining. I thought all the hardy PNWerners would be at the pool, but it was just the cheap mid-westerners (um, us).

And then there is baby C. She is a super napper and smiling the rest of the time (OK, some of the time she is blowing  a lot of raspberries and drooling on my face, but with a smile!) After soccer camp one day we took a neighbor out for a picnic lunch and baby C got some outside time.


“Look mommy! We helped her get grass.”


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