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Summer Wrap up September 3, 2013

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So…C and M started school today. Not the same school, but also not the same times so I was able to see them each off for their first days and pick them up as well. C definitely wanted to just be dropped off and walk to her class on her own; M was super tired after school.


They are each in new shoes, for which G actually took them shopping yesterday. While I stayed home, put the baby down for a nap, and read Lean In. Perfect.

Talking to M has been pretty hilarious lately.

M: “I need ketchup!”

G: “I can’t find it, we must be out.”

M: “That is because mens can’t find anything!”

M: “There goes a foot truck!”

Me: “??”

M: “Uh, what do you call the truck that takes cars?”
Me: “Ohhhh, a tow truck.”

Me: “M, are your teeth brushed? Are you ready for bed?”

M: “Yes, now I just need to put on my wings and my inside high heels.”

School supply shopping had been a bit rushed as we spent 10 days in Cleveland towards the end of August. Between preparing for trip, being on trip, and recovering from trip…well, things are still in a bit of disarray here. Still need to figure out music lessons for both of the girls (M’s piano teacher moved, and we are taking a break from C’s violin teacher) and perhaps a music class for baby C. But I did manage to hit the gym today for the first time since…er, a week or so before baby C was born. Yikes.

So, Cleveland. Saw all the grandparents and most of the relatives. Went to Akron zoo, Oberlin, a scenic train ride, swimming, church picnic, and yarn shopping (OK, that last one is just me). Watched the Black Stallion and Mary Poppins with the kids. Baby C had her first swimming experience and M had a bit of a breakthrough with swimming on her own. Saw some hula hooping and some polka dancing. Basically, just like everyone else’s vacations, right?

Pool fun.


Zoo antics.


Party time, family style. (C’s 2nd cousin is a month younger, but, um, slightly taller…)


Hanging with the grandparents.


Baby cuteness.


Me made dresses


M, asleep in the San Francisco airport as we awaited our 11:30 pm boarding time for the redeye to Cleveland. One of the four flights on which we had no seats until the last minute, were all seated in different areas, and then had to bargain and wheedle other passengers so that the kids didn’t have to sit alone. Oops, did a complaint sneak in there?


M did sleep on the plane and then went strong the whole day at Grammy and Grampy’s, until dinner when she fell asleep at the table (the rest of us had wisely taken multiple hour naps).

That’s all for now…


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