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8 (and a half) Months September 8, 2013

Filed under: Kids,knitting — bonniep @ 9:59 pm

Kind of missed that 8 month update due to being in Cleveland when the actual date hit and then back to school craziness, plus my blog going down for several days. Rest assured, baby C is still around and doing her best to spread smiles and joy.


Ha ha, just kidding she loves these sisters.


Let’s see….blue eyes, chewing on stuff, and baby yoga?


Check, check and check.

Getting very good at sitting?


Likes cats, both birthday and otherwise?


OK, you can’t really tell but in the last picture she is looking at Boston, not at the camera. Boston will in fact walk up to C, rub up against her, let her pull ears, tail, etc. and practice “gentle” petting for quite awhile before giving her a gentle nibble. They are getting to be quite good friends.

So, baby C is eating like a champ—some small finger foods (cut up peach, nectarine, banana, cooked carrots, puffs, cheerios, and during one desperate vacation dinner, torn up bits of tater tots) and purees galore. She babbles quite convincingly and likes to have you babble back. Still doing some great sleeping, although there was some adjustment around the traveling. Grabs for everything and puts it in her mouth. Not so fun for, say, a four hour plane ride. Or during diaper changes. No teeth yet. Was kind of skinny and tall at her 6 month checkup but has been filling out nicely. Smiles and then buries her head for anyone looking her way. Rolls over both ways and can get around surprisingly well given that there is still no sign of crawling—one her stomach she does more of a superman attempt and then cries in frustration. Must be that diaper full of kryptonite! Has figured out how to touch the feely books and how to turn pages in general.

Oh, and I knit a dress for baby C before she was born…it kept looking huge. I finally remembered to put it on her. So not huge.


But she can totally rock the tunic look, am I right?


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