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9 months in, 9 months out September 24, 2013

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Quite the month here, what with all the new routines from school starting. Baby C seems to be taking it all in stride and thriving. This month alone, she started swimming and music classes, transitioned into a new crib, got her first tooth, rode in an outdoor swing, and caused one moment of terror. Really, just waiting on the crawling now.

How we never got her in a swing outside before, I don’t know. She loved it!


(OK, M pushes hard enough that C would be a little apprehensive at times, per the last picture.)

First tooth broke through on Saturday, and has been followed by vigorous use of teething toys and copious amounts of drooling.


(Can you spot the drool in the last two pictures?)

She is a super smiling baby, often totally distracted during swimming and music class by flirting with the other parents. But she can also make some fairly funny faces.


(Picture #3 is laughter.)

Still loves birthday cat. And really all her toys—she can play for a long time. Or until the sisters come to take the toys for themselves.


Eats it all—little bits of cheese now, and some scrambled egg yolks. Loves chicken. Still gets food all over.


Sooooo close to crawling, but hasn’t quite figured it out yet. Gets her feet in front of her butterfly stretch style and then almost rolls over them but not quite. Can move backwards, not quite intentionally though. You can see the feet here:


Backwards motion caused the one moment of terror, where in about 10 seconds of me putting some goat cheese on salads while she played on the kitchen floor, she backed up under the island, got her foot stuck, and then rolled over, with the foot turned about 180 degrees. She cried, I tried to get the foot out and felt it turned, couldn’t figure out which way she had rolled, started freaking out about breaking her leg/foot if I turned it the wrong way, did screaming (Me: “G! Help! Help! Oh my god! Help! Baby C! Help! Help!” G: “What is it?” Me: “HELP!!! Come here right away! Her foot, oh my god her foot!” G: “What do you need?” etc). We finally got the foot out (ok, probably only 30 seconds or so) and the heel area was fairly scuffed up and her foot looked a little swollen. But all has turned out fine—I think I cried more than she did, the swelling went down, she was able to put weight on it right away, etc. Scared the bejesus out of M and her friend who were home at the time though!

I am guesstimating baby C to be about 20 lbs. but we find out for sure tomorrow at the pediatrician. More updates as events warrant. Perhaps some day a picture of that tooth!


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