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Busy week October 27, 2013

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Last week we had big C’s 10th birthday party, her actual birthday, little C’s 10 month birthday, an adult costume party, a costume bingo night at M’s school, and two pumpkin carving parties. OK, that covered about 9 days but still was pretty darn packed. And I don’t even have pictures of it all. Also, several of these events, with the addition of some teething and a cold for little C, also led to some late nights/sleepless nights. I am sure this week, with flu shots, the last soccer game of the season and Halloween will be so much easier, right?

10th Birthday

Big C wanted a spa and slumber party for her birthday and we agreed. I think this may be the last slumber party for a while though. There was little slumbering.

The spa portion was at a kids spa nearby and each girl was able to get two services (hair, makeup, facial, mani, pedi). The girls had a blast.


They did a “runway” show at the end, walking the pink carpet, but I think M more sashayed. C recently got her braces off and now wears a retainer, not sure if she is trying to hide it in these pictures or just striking a serious pose?

Then it was home for pizza and ice cream cake, watching The Princess Bride, and not very much sleeping. How can those kids stay up so long? Eventually I sat in the room where the girls were (supposed to be) sleeping, in the dark, for about 45 minutes until I was fairly sure there was deep breathing all around. Then, it being 1:30 in the morning, I went to bed. Yet one girl still claimed the next morning to have not slept at all. And most of them were up by around 6:30 anyway. Phew. I think C was happy though. Not sure how many of the girls noticed the banner she had created for herself…


Tuesday C actually turned 10 and between present opening, a dinner/fro yo outing, and a trip to the orthodontist the day was fairly packed. C is a pretty awesome kid although there has been some tween moodiness lately. She reads a ton of books, sews when the spirit moves her, plays a lot with her Monster High dolls (and includes M in her play a lot), likes to make projects in Power Point and is rocking out at school. She has a good group of friends, will go into the store on her own to pick up coffee for me, and tears up talking about a book she heard at school where a baby misses its mommy. 10 years has gone by in a flash.

10 Months

Baby C has had some sniffles this week but that hasn’t held her back much. She has two major tricks—waving hi (and perhaps saying Hi!, it is hard to tell) and flinging both arms over her head when you say “Yay C!”. She will also play peek a boo somewhat consistently. Everyone seems to adore her—she has a very winning, open smile. She continues to be a fantastic sleeper—napping such that I can go to the gym, bedtime without much fuss and sleeping until morning most nights. She loves meat and happily eats almost anything I give her—bits of bread with hummus, Indian food (rice with saag paneer for instance), salmon—except for avocado, which she won’t touch. Today she even had her first candy corn (due to a miscommunication with M). She is a babbling, scooting little charmer who is going through a serious daddy-loving phase right now. At her last appointment she was >95% for height and around 75% for weight (29.5 inches and just under 20 lbs.) She has been enjoying her music and swimming lessons, splashes a ton in the tub, and squeals with delight for certain books.


Why so few photos? Well I got a new camera a few weeks ago and have been trying to figure out how it all works. Unfortunately my favorite lens doesn’t work with this new camera so the learning curve has been steep. However, I now have the ability to make some videos, so the effort will be worth it I think! That said, I haven’t figured out how to show the videos here yet. And it is getting late.


Between costume making and pumpkin item baking, we have been getting our craft on around here. No photos of the costumes G and I wore (batman and wonder woman, respectively) and not sure I will be putting the costume back on any time soon for photos. G helped me customize a red pleather bustier for the wonder woman costume and it was pretty rocking though. Big C picked Aphrodite as her costume, M wanted to be a ghost, and baby C didn’t register any opinion and thus was happy with Big C’s old tiger outfit. Aphrodite’s dress was clearance at Nordstrom’s and just needed some strap shortening. Her headpiece was put together by C and G using some items from Joanns and accessories were all things from around the house. M is wearing a huge white sweatshirt to which we attached various floaty fabrics, a hat, and spooky makeup.


Hopefully some better pictures on Halloween.

M and I put in some serious kitchen time today thanks to a post on this blog, Brown Eyed Baker. I made the maple pumpkin cheesecake bars on Friday and today we made pumpkin donut muffins and pumpkin spice latte cupcakes. Yum.


Several more cans of pumpkin in the pantry, and multiple fancy pumpkins awaiting roasting in the garage, so there should be lots more baking in the coming weeks!


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