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Aphrodite, a Ghost and a scooting tiger November 6, 2013

Filed under: Kids — bonniep @ 11:46 pm

I did in fact get better pictures on Halloween.


Goddess of Beauty. Nailed it!


Spoooooky ghost, looking ‘”intense” in the last shot. I think she looks very ghostlike, but I guess the hat was misleading (it is supposed to look kind of Caspar-like). One person guessed “tooth” or “marshmallow”. OK, we are not THAT creative. Just plain old Halloween ghost here.


And our little tiger, who turned out to be quite heavy when carried around for several hours of trick or treating. We got a lot of use out of this costume this year though—bingo night, pumpkin carving party, music class, and Halloween itself. The music class teacher was quite excited to get a picture of baby C in her costume with a tiger ball….


And now an attempt to show why we call her “Scooter Bum”:


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