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New year, same stuff January 16, 2014

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Two years in a row we didn’t send out any Christmas cards at all, so the fact that our “new years” cards went out slightly after the new year still seems like a win to me. It took a few tries to get shots I was happy to use but of course I value the failures too right?


I have a huge pile of knitting items that are almost done, except for the boring parts. So, er, no pictures there. But I did manage to do some sewing over the holiday break, especially when grandparents were in town and could keep an eye on the kids.


New blouse and skirt for C, both Oliver + S patterns, which went mostly smoothly except that that kid is so darn skinny that the elastic back has to bunch insanely to be small enough for her. I think she likes it anyway though. I need to learn how to alter patterns. Also, M and I collaborated on a bag to hold her piano books.


My first make of the new year (counting C’s outfit for 2013 even though it took me until the new year to finish the elastic…). The cute fabric helps a lot. I have promised to make M some things for an upcoming warmer weather trip we are taking and she went through my fabric and picked out a bunch of pinks. So hopefully some more items will be forthcoming. I have a lot of goals for this year around sewing and knitting (promised G a new sweater…the last one took over a year including a long break in the middle….men’s sweaters are big and boring. But, he wears his more than any of the girls wear theirs, so….)

Found this picture of M from a mini race she did, she looks the athlete part at least!


M missed a few days of school before the break (and actually a few days of school this week…this poor kid cannot catch a break! Ear infections, UTI, nose bleeds, bad cold, some other issues not appropriate for discussing, and last week a cut on her head requiring gluing by the doctor…even the doctor was surprised to see us back at the office so soon! They turned down my request for a 10th visit free card though) but was well enough to work on some new cone trees for our Christmas display.


White buttons and pink felt with crystal pins. I didn’t think she would be able to stick it out (NPI) but she did! I see we have some blank spaces to fill on that white one though.

Started a new page on the blog for books read in 2014. Each year I have been keeping track I have read more than the previous year…2013 I passed 100 books and that doesn’t include the books I read out loud to C (such as all the Little House on the Prairie books last year), for the classic books program I led at C’s school, knitting/sewing/running/exercise/cook books (unless they are more essay types), or the gifted education books I have been reading to get up to speed on some school district/educating C issues. Over a hundred seems like a lot, even for me, so I make no promises about 2014.

Baby C weighed right around 22 lbs. at her checkup—>95% for head measurement, 75-90% for height, and 50-75% for weight. But she sure doesn’t seem skinny! Those thighs in some baby leggings…irresistible. Despite a new lens for Christmas the new camera and I are having some getting to know you issues, but I will persist.


We have some crawling and pulling up to kneeling now and have decided to just be chill about her slowness to embrace walking. She is quite speedy scooting and the dr. isn’t worried….yet. So, we wait.


Lots of teeth in there (7 now), when you can see past the thumb.

And her favorite location, where she always ends up if you give her a choice….


banging on G’s office door.